Tree Removal Permit Guide in the City of Girard, OH

As a responsible tree owner, it is your duty to ensure that the trees growing on your property are healthy and do not pose any danger to people or other nearby structures. Trees that have been weakened by disease, natural disasters, or old age should be removed immediately by tree removal service experts in Girard, OH.

If you have any problematic trees on your property, you need help from the best tree removal service, and Starwood Tree Service is here for you! We offer a wide range of tree maintenance and removal service at affordable rates. Our team is ready to provide same-day service to remove any hazardous trees on your property.

Girard’s Tree Removal Rules

In Girard, OH, tree removal is the sole responsibility of the owner. You will be responsible for the cost of tree removal services for any trees on your property that pose a danger. If you are unable or unwilling to remove hazardous trees on your property in a timely manner, the Girard Shade Tree Commissioner can lawfully order you to do so.

Furthermore, failing to act responsibly as a tree owner can end in a lawsuit. You could incur both the cost of removing the tree as well as any fines or penalties stated by the suit.

If the tree in question is on a shared property line, the responsibility for maintaining the tree falls equally on the owners of the two adjacent properties.

Finally, if the tree’s trunk is on public property such as city streets, but the branches extend onto your private property, you cannot remove it without applying for a removal permit.

Getting a Tree Removal Permit in Girard, OH

In Girard, OH, tree removal on private property normally does not require a permit. However, if the tree is of a recognized protected species, you will need to obtain a permit even if the tree is on your private property. You may also need to obtain a permit if the tree is of a certain height since the tree’s height can pose a danger to neighboring structures if it is cut down.

If you are cutting down a tree that requires a removal permit, a team of certified arborists may be dispatched to your property to determine whether the tree should be removed. You will need to provide the reason why you want to remove the tree. Generally, diseased or weakened trees are permitted to be cut down.

Once you have received a written permit, you must remove the tree in question following the terms outlined in the permit. It is recommended to hire a professional tree removal service for large trees to ensure that the process is completed properly and safely.

Do You Need a Site Plan for a Permit?

When applying for a permit, providing a site plan can help increase your chances of being approved. A site plan will show the location of the tree that you want to remove as well as any location of surrounding structures, cables, and landscape features.

While providing a site plan is not a guarantee of getting tree permits approved, providing it can help expedite the review process and tilt it in your favor.

Tree Removal Service in Girard, OH

Tree removal should only be done by experienced professionals if a tree removal permit is required. We have the tools, experience, and team you need to get the job done right in Girard, OH! Learn more about tree removal services by reaching out to Starwood Tree Service today at 330-231-5022.

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