How to Cut Down a Tree Near a House or In Confined Spaces

Removing trees is always a demanding process, especially when the tree is near your home or in a location that is challenging to access. As a result, you may be wondering how to cut down a tree near a house.

Although it is not easy, and you shouldn’t try to do it yourself, it is possible to cut down and remove a dying or dead tree between two houses, on a small lawn, or from a narrow space. However, the problem is that not all tree removal companies have the equipment to handle this removal. Luckily, in Warren, Ohio, tree services by Starwood Tree Services guarantee quick and safe tree removal of small and larger trees. 

When It Is Necessary to Remove a Tree Near a House or Limited Space

 Regular maintenance, watering, and care can be challenging if your tree grows near your home or in a hard-to-reach area. Sometimes, calling a professional tree removal service and removing the tree from your property is the best decision.

Here are some other reasons to consider tree removal:

  • The tree is dying or dead.
  • The tree branches are rubbing against one another, house, siding, or windows.
  • The roots are in contact with building foundations.
  • The tree is blocking access to the driveway, sidewalk, or entry.
  • The tree is leaning.

All tree removal projects can be dangerous, but removing a tree between houses or on a small lawn adds more complications. Here are some other reasons why this task takes more time to complete:

  • The tree trunk is close to power lines
  • The tree is close to a building
  • The tree’s height

How to Cut Down a Tree Near a House or Restricted Space

Professional arborists know how to cut down a tree near a house by using various cutting and removing techniques to ensure the process goes quickly and successfully. The method a tree removal expert will use for your tree depends on several factors, including:

  • How limited the space is
  • The proximity and height of nearby houses or buildings
  •  Whether or not they can access the tree by bucket truck
  • Whether there are utility lines nearby

Remove The Tree in Parts

When removing young or mature trees from tight spaces, you can’t cut the base and let it fall. Therefore, it is essential to cut down the tree in pieces and remove it part by part.

The first thing to cut off are branches and then the trunk using ropes. While the process sounds easy, it is never a DIY job. To safely remove a big tree from a limited space, you need appropriate equipment. 

A homeowner risks severe injury or property damage by removing a tree on their own, so it is essential to leave the work to the professionals.

Remove The Tree Using a Crane

Removing a tree from your lawn with a crane is the safest and easiest option. The professional arborist attaches the tree’s trunk to cables and lifts it with the crane. Then, they remove the trunk to an open space where they cut it into pieces.

Tree Felling

The professional arborist makes two cuts across the trunk and one cut on the opposite trunk’s side. Between these cuts, there is a hinge or a central portion of the trunk that controls how the tree will fall.

Partner With a Professional Company for a Tree Removal

Don’t risk cutting a tree yourself. Instead, trust the experts from Starwood Tree Service to do the job quickly and safely.

We know how to cut down a tree near a house or in a limited space safely and effectively. If you want to learn about the local tree removal regulations in Girard, Ohio, or schedule a service, call us at (330) 231-5022.

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