8 Reasons Why You Should Not Cut Down a Tree on Your Own

Do you have trees that need removing? At Starwood Tree Service, we provide services to cut down a tree. We are a tree service company in Warren, OH, with a team of experts who enjoys assisting residents.

When removing a tree, it is safer and more efficient to have an expert help you. Our workers use the latest methods and proper equipment to cut down trees. It’s best to count on professionals to remove trees for you to save time and stay safe.

1. Cutting Down Trees Is a Safety Risk

Removing trees is a dangerous job–you need knowledge and tools to prevent hazards. You also need protective gear and experience for safe tree removal.

Not only do you have to consider using proper equipment, but you must also know how to handle a falling tree and what can happen. For example, when you cut down a tree, it may hit power lines or other structures.

To cut it properly, you may also need to know the tree trunk size. Experts measure the trunk diameter to have a hassle-free process.

2. Accidents

Experienced workers have the background to avoid unwanted incidences. The most common accidents of tree cutting are:

  • Using faulty or incorrect tools
  • Not having the correct safety gear
  • Ladder accidents such as falling, losing control of the chainsaw, etc.
  • Miscalculating the height of the tree and the angle of cutting

3. Decaying Wood 

When removing trees, you should look out for decaying wood. Decaying wood can cause inaccurate predictions of falling trees that cause safety risks.

4. Property Damage

If you are planning to remove it by yourself, you must watch out for property damage. In addition, having no prior experience with tree removal or knowledge of safety precautions will likely lead to more expenses for repairs. 

5. Time

Being inexperienced in tree removal is not only a safety hazard but will also take a fair amount of time. In addition, you are likely to make more errors by using an inefficient cutting method. Professionals will know the most efficient way to remove the tree safely.

6. Cleanup

When you cut down a tree, you should cut it into sections for easier cleanup. Doing this will also make transport more efficient. If you have to clean up a tall tree by yourself, it will take a while, so having a professional team will make the process faster and simpler. 

7. Can’t Save the Tree

There are many reasons people choose to cut down a tree, such as growing too close to a structure or damage. However, you don’t need to cut a tree down entirely if its position and health aren’t at risk.

Our experts can help you determine if the tree is salvageable. You may not need to cut down the entire tree, saving you time and money.

8. Professionals Have Proper Training

Arborists have the proper training to avoid accidents and safely remove trees. Experts know how to:

  •  Watch for electrical wires
  • Prevent falling from ladders or trees
  • Cut a tree down with no damage to surrounding structures or properties 
  • Accurately identify branches and trees with decay or cracks

Count on the Experts to Remove Trees

At Starwood Tree Service, we offer the most seamless and affordable experience in tree removal. Our team strives to provide the best service in the area. Our arborists are ISA Certified and ensure safety and care for your property when they cut down a tree. For more information about tree removal, you can learn how professionals cut trees too close to homes.

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