Tree Removal Cost: Factors to Consider

The uncertainty around tree removal cost is understandable when we consider the complexities involved. Should you call for help from a neighbor, a random contractor, the city council, or a dependable tree service in Cortland?

In this post, Starwood Tree Service explores all you need to know about tree removal and its cost commitments.

Six Factors That Affect a Tree’s Removal Cost

The ecosystem needs plenty of healthy trees, but intervention is essential where there is a risk to people and property. Trees in the wrong place also do a lot of damage to buildings, pipelines, and road infrastructure. So, how do we balance thriving trees with the cost of maintaining the areas around them?

Let’s take a look at six factors that may influence what you pay for this type of service.

The Tree’s Size

Removing larger trees takes more time and manpower than smaller ones. It also requires more machinery. The average cost of removal for a 15-foot tall, 30-inch trunk diameter tree will be about half what a 25-foot tall, 40-inch trunk diameter tree would cost to remove.

The Location

Is the tree on private property rather than public land? If so, this may also increase the removal cost because the tree removal company will have to pay for access and permits from local authorities.

The tree’s proximity to certain landmarks and infrastructure also complicates matters. The closer it is to a road or neighborhood, the higher the risk of injury and damage during removal. More risk translates to a higher tree removal cost.  

The Type of Tree

The type of tree will not only impact the price of removal because some are easier to remove than others. Some species, like pines, carry extensive root systems that need earthworks and other preparation before removing them by hand or machine. 

Professionals like Starwood Tree Service also consider whether there are other plants around the tree. Is there a nearby tree stump from a previous removal? We may need to remove them first before any work on the main trunk can begin.

The Tree’s Condition

The cost of the job increases significantly when a tree is:

  • Diseased
  • Dead
  • Too close to other trees
  • Entangled with other trees or plants

If a tree has significant insect damage, you can also expect to pay more.

The Tree Professional’s Experience

If you want to take advantage of lower removal costs for your tree, choose the right company. Experienced service providers like us will have fewer surprises and know how to handle issues that come out of the woodwork. They will be less likely to charge extra fees or cause delays.

Emergency Tree Removal

The final consideration is the urgency of the job. The cost of tree removal rises when you need the tree removal service to act immediately. If you need a crane and bucket truck to complete the job, you will pay more than for saws and chainsaws.

Thankfully, local arborists like Starwood Tree Service provide various tree removal services in Cortland, OH. The team can help you save a bit with the right type of equipment and expertise to tackle any size removal. 

Call Us for Expert Tree Removal Services in Ohio

At Starwood Tree Service, we provide a high-quality service at competitive prices. We’ve been in the tree business for over 30 years, and our commitment to customer satisfaction puts us ahead of the game. Now, you can keep your property in pristine condition with our full range of tree services, including:

  • Pruning
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  • Planting
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