What To Expect Before and After Tree Removal

Do you have a diseased, dying, or dead tree in your yard? Maybe it poses a potential hazard, or it’s getting too big. Your only option could be to remove it. 

The tree removal process is quite complex, and there are several things you must get right to avoid any problems down the road. As experts in tree removal in Girard, OH, we outline some of the critical things to expect before and after tree removal. Keep reading for more information. 

Consulting the Professionals 

The first step to removing any tree from your property is to call a qualified arborist to inspect it. The professional should determine the tree’s height, width, branch layout, and age. Understanding the tree’s condition will help determine the best way to remove it and the right tree removal equipment for the job. 

You can’t remove a diseased or dead tree the same way you would remove a healthier tree. Healthier trees often have firmer roots, so you’ll have a harder time removing them. Similarly, a younger tree would be much easier to remove than an older one. 

Tree Removal Cost

When researching what happens before and after tree removal, you’ll probably run across cost estimates. Planning for the price of removing a tree is vital to the overall process. The cost of removing a tree depends on factors like the size and the difficulty of removing it. 

Generally, you should expect to pay anything between a few hundred dollars for a young tree and several thousand dollars for a large, mature tree that needs meticulous removal. You might also need to add more money if you want the tree removal service to remove or grind the stump. 

Tree Removal Preparation

You’ll need to clear your yard before commencing the tree removal process. This includes ridding the area of leaves, twigs, and other debris. You want the tree to have sufficient room to lie flat on the ground after removal.

Also, you must ensure the tree won’t cause any damage or injuries when it falls; keep children, pets, and personal possessions that could be damaged away from the yard. Ensure power lines won’t interfere with the removal process and that the tree removal crew can easily access the tree. 

Tree Removal Techniques

Before tree removal, professionals will likely discuss techniques with you. Tree removal services usually use two primary techniques. If there’s adequate space and nothing to compromise tree removal safety, the professionals can simply cut the tree down in a single piece. They’ll cut the trunk from the direction they want it to fall. Once the tree comes down, the removal team then cuts it up into smaller pieces.

However, if your tree is too close to the house, power line, or other structures, cutting it down in one piece would be a risky affair! In such a situation, the tree removal service will climb up and chop individual branches off from the top down. They may need to secure the branches with ropes to prevent them from falling on your house or power lines. 

Stump Removal 

After removing the tree, a stump remains behind, and this is where stump grinding becomes essential. You might choose to keep the stump and use it for various purposes like yard decor. However, if you see the stump as a hazard or eyesore, opting for stump grinding is the best way to get rid of it efficiently.

Contact Your Local Tree Experts for Assistance

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