What To Do About Tree Roots Above the Ground

Most large tree species develop extensive root systems that gather water and nutrients for the tree to survive. However, sometimes trees grow roots above the ground and cause multiple issues for the tree as well as your property. Incorrectly addressing above-ground tree roots can significantly harm and even kill the tree, making it difficult to determine an efficient solution.

As such, Starwood Tree Service aims to explain how to properly resolve tree roots above the ground while maintaining the tree’s health and your property’s gorgeous appearance.

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The Dangerous of Above-Ground Tree Roots

Although above-ground tree roots can create a whimsical look that many homeowners enjoy, they often cause more harm than good. They can penetrate sidewalks, driveways, and your home’s foundation, causing significant property damage that demands expensive repairs. They can also alter the soil’s surface, creating uneven ground where someone can trip and injure themselves.

Tree roots above the ground can also:

  • Make the tree more vulnerable to pests, rot, and diseases
  • Damage lawn care equipment
  • Increase the likelihood of tree and root damage

How To Resolve Above-Ground Tree Roots

Fortunately, homeowners can resolve above-ground tree roots without harming the tree or tainting their property’s visual appeal. Below, we list a few efficient methods to treat tree roots above the ground:

Apply Mulch

Applying mulch around the tree provides the easiest and most efficient way to resolve tree roots growing above the soil. Mulch insulates the roots and discourages foot traffic while heightening the tree’s aesthetic appeal. 

Simply add a two to three-inch mulch layer around the tree’s base while leaving a foot between the mulch and the tree’s trunk to prevent damage. However, only use organic wood chip mulch since inorganic variations often contain dyes that can harm the roots.

Plant Ground Cover

Planting eye-catching ground cover over the exposed roots will elevate your property’s appeal while protecting roots from damage. Carefully remove any grass along the roots and sprinkle the ground cover’s seeds along the surface. Water the seeds until they sprout, creating a charming garden-like area underneath the tree. 

Taller ground covers that don’t require mowing work best for trees with exposed root systems. Consider one of these ground covers:

  • Ajuga
  • Sweet woodruff
  • Yellow archangel
  • Bunchberry

Tree Removal

Sometimes, tree professionals will recommend removing a tree if the exposed roots become too expansive or dangerous to cover. Most professional arborists offer tree removal services and will eradicate the tree and its root system for a modest fee. Although many homeowners want to preserve their trees, removing them might be the best option to prevent property damage and other potential problems.

Never attempt tree removal yourself since it’s incredibly dangerous and requires immense experience and specific tools to complete correctly. Always contact a professional tree service to eliminate the tree and ensure a safe and effective process.

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