Grinding a Stump: Is It Necessary in Girard, OH?

Is grinding a stump necessary? Grinding the trunk as close to the ground as possible is the best way to prevent it from sprouting. In this post, Starwood Tree Service, your expert tree removal in Girard, OH, explains why grinding is an excellent alternative to stump removal.

Why Consider Grinding a Stump?

You might have a picturesque scene in your head of a tree stump, creating a nice additional feature for your yard. It may have pretty mushrooms growing from it and be home to cute little critters. The reality is far less ideal. 

Those mushrooms are a sign of a fungal infection that can spread to your other trees and kill them. The creatures that move in aren’t cute and furry. Instead, they’re likely bugs, such as ants or termites, or rats. 

Even the aesthetics don’t match. As the wood dries out, it takes on an old, weathered appearance which is unsightly.

Other reasons to consider using a stump grinder include:

  • The stump can resprout, and the roots can take years to die
  • It takes up valuable real estate
  • The stump will make it difficult to mow in the area or plant other plants

Stump Removal vs. Grinding the Stump

You have two options when it comes to getting rid of the stump. You can either grind it down or remove it completely. 

Should You Consider Stump Removal? 

Removing the trunk and roots is the best way to prevent regrowth. However, it’s logistically difficult. You usually need earth-moving equipment and must then find a way to fill the hole left behind. The costs add up quickly, and labor is pricey. 

The upside is that you now have virgin soil to plant in again. You don’t have to worry about rotting wood, and there’s no chance of sprouting. When you have a tenacious tree, this is the better option if you have the time and money.

However, it’s normally overkill, especially if you want minimal disruption to your garden. While grinding sends sawdust flying, it’s easy to clean up. On the other hand, bringing in earthmoving equipment can cause significant damage.

Should You Grind the Stump?

Grinding a stump is far more cost-effective and offers similar results. The downside of the roots remaining in place is that you can’t plant a new tree immediately, but this is something most people can live with. 

Professionals grind the stump down to a few inches below ground level. This damages the tree and will kill the tree most of the time. It’s only in the case of aggressive growers like oaks that the trunk sprouts again. 

What Happens If the Stump Sprouts?

If this happens, you simply snip off the new shoots when you see them. Over time, the tree will weaken and die. If you want to speed up the process, you can use poison, although we don’t recommend this route. 

A simpler option is to drill holes in the stump. Make them about eight inches deep and fill them with Epsom salts. Top the holes up with water and repeat after rain. If you keep this up for a few weeks, it’ll kill the stump. 

Another option is to drill the holes but to fill them with boiling water rather than salt. 

Contact Our Team for the Right Advice

Are you unsure whether grinding a stump is the right move? We often include this service in our tree removal cost, so speak to our team about your options. It’s seldom necessary to remove the stump, so grinding can save you a lot of time and money. 

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